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Types Of Retirement Village Property Available In The UK

In terms of the types of retirement village property that is available in the UK, that might be somewhat limited as to how things will be in future, because of this being a relatively new industry and the infrastructure has not thus been established so widely. It is reported that for the United Kingdom that this type of locality is becoming increasingly prevalent. It is stated that a BBC report of August 2009 said that there were about 25,000 people around the UK who are actually now living in a retirement village type organisation.

Furthermore, it is asserted that there are different types of models as well, such as those which are funded by local authorities and charitable schemes in addition to for example Hartrigg Oaks in York, which has been organised by the Joseph Rowntree Trust. Moreover, there are private operations also, for instance Roseland Parc in Cornwall which is run by “Retirement Villages Ltd” and also Boughton Hall which is located in Chester.

In fact, it is also noted that the first scheme which was made by Retirement Villages Ltd was opened in the UK more than 25 years ago, so that this type of establishment is not as new as it might appear. It is also mentioned that there is an umbrella type of organisation known as the Association of Retirement Village Operators UK or ARVOUK which works to organise thought for best methods.

Having noted then that there are different types of organisations running retirement villages, of course there will be other factors as well, such as pricing and sophistication of housing and services provided etc. These will no doubt vary according to the particular type of operation that is being run and you can look on a case by case basis. Some types of retirement villages might be set in very grand surroundings and of course they could be in  different types of construction format according to the infrastructure existing etc..

Having a look at one example retirement village chain, we can see that currently AudleyRetirement.co.uk offers 6 different retirement village complexes. First of all, they offer one in Clevedon, Ikley "on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales" and in addition, they have one in Harrogate which used to belong to the Tetley family. Moreover, they have another location in Darley Dale, which is on 44 acres and also a very grand-looking location at Bearstead, with the main building a Grade II-listed Georgian mansion. Furthermore, they have another location at Tunbridge Wells, which has "67 apartments, penthouses, bungalows, cottages and lodges" and has gardens across 4 acres. Finally, they also have one at Modbury which is a Grade I-listed mansion over 12 acres of "landscaped" grounds in total and is 5 miles from the beach. Additionally, they have other sites planned as well.

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