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Differences Between A Retirement Village And Retirement Home

No doubt, most adults in the UK would have heard about a retirement home or indeed nursing home for that matter. For instance, they might have had relatives who have lived there and even been to visit one themselves to see those who they are related to. The concept of a retirement home is a place where basically those with limited abilities due to age/poor health will go to live in a  sort of community house and have assistance in living. This would perhaps be one step up from a nursing home where people might have less physical abilities and perhaps space in addition and in fact oftentimes in the UK, nursing homes are perceived in quite a negative light in terms of the quality of life that people could expect to have whilst living in them.

Thus, by living in a village as opposed to living in a shared house even though one might have some sort of apartment or suite of rooms, people might feel that they have a greater sense of autonomy. Many people who might be looking for assistance in living might have independence very much high on their agenda in terms of the type of lifestyle that they would like to lead. By living in a retirement village, they could feel that  they are able to have abiltiy to pave out their own path in life without having to give up too much control of what they like to do, which always might have been a high priority to them. Although one might expect some loss of privacy or independence in some retirement villages in terms of proximity to other residents etc., it is also of course possible that it might be increased from your current residency and will also vary according to the particular retirement village that you are dealing with some more spacious than others.


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